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  • 3rd February 2018

How to Remember Anything – The Memory Palace Technique

Do you struggle with learning? DId you ever fail an exam? Do you want to learn a new language – the easy way? If you think you can do more than the Memory Palace Technique is going to be a total game changer for you. In this article, I’m going to write about the Memory Palace Technique which
Memory Champions like Joshua Foer use in order to memorize everything and anything. Fast.

  • 4th January 2018

The Habit of Asking Good Questions

The older I get, the more time I spend – as a percentage of each day- on crafting better questions. In my experience, going from 1x to 10x, from 10x to 100x, and from 100x to ( when Lady luck really smiles) 1000 x returns in various areas has been a product of better questions.” Tim Ferris

  • 29th December 2017

The Habit of Making your Bed — 3 Lessons I learned from Navy Seal Admiral Mcraven

“Making my bed correctly was not going to be an opportunity for praise. It was expected of me. It was my first task of the day, and doing it right was important. It demonstrated my discipline. It showed my attention to detail, and at the end of the day it would be a reminder that I had done something well, something to be proud of, no matter how small the task.”
― William H. McRaven,

  • 27th December 2017

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts{Book Review}

Vagabonding easily remains in my top-10 list for life-changing books. Why? Because one incredible trip, especially a long-term trip, can change your life forever. And Vagabonding teaches you how to travel (and think), not for one trip, but for the rest of your life. Tim Cahill, founding editor of Outside magazine and a brilliant travel writer himself, has said of Vagabonding, “I think this is the most sensible book of travel related advice ever written.” TIm Ferris

  • 22nd December 2017

How To Use Pain As Fuel — The Deck of Cards Workout

Do you want to get in shape but you can’t afford a gym? Do you want to become stronger but you don’t know how? In this article, I show you the simplest and cheapest workout method that I have come across in my life.

  • 19th December 2017

How 6 Jars Can Make You Financially Free

Are you struggling with money? Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? Do you feel being financially free would give you more abundance in your life? Is your lack of money holding you back? Then this article is for you.

  • 16th December 2017

How To Use Electro Shocks To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones — Steven Pressfield

  • 8th December 2017

Richard Branson — Losing my Virginity {Book Review}

Since this is a personal development you might have guessed that I am interested in Success. But what is Success?  When do you think of the word successful what Person comes first to mind? And why.
For me, success means that you live an extraordinarily adventurous life. A life on your terms. That you have successfully monetized your passion and that you add massive value to others while doing so. That you work with fun and amazing people and solve together big problems for the world.
To me, nobody else personifies these ideals more than Sir Richard Branson

  • 27th November 2017

The 6 Phase Mediation

There is nothing more attractive than a person who loves himself or herself so deeply that their positve energy and love spill over to others and to the world ” Vishen Lakhiani

  • 24th November 2017

The Five Minute Journal

“The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways that I have found to consistently ensure improving my well being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measurable, quantifiable results.” Tim Ferris

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