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  • 30th August 2018

The Fear Of Missing Out — Porto Day Part 3 {Travel Journal}

Today was again foggy night. The air still smells like warm summer rain. Since we are on a mountain, the fog is creeping in meters around us. It looks like I am walking on clouds. The last two days were wild and weird. After hiking through some Giant rock formations and having freshly grilled sardines […]

  • 26th August 2018

5 Reasons To Become A Digital Nomad — Porto Travel Journal Day 2

As I write these words, I am having my first glass of port wine near Porto. I love this sentence. I am at a villa in a small village thirty minutes outside of Porto. The mansion is on top of a mountain, perfect to oversee the town and see the lights of Porto at the […]

  • 24th August 2018

5 Steps To Take When You Are In A Crisis — Advice From a Millionaire

So tomorrow I will be on the road again. After my last clumsy adventure of breaking into a festival was more or less successful I was rewarded with one of the worst hangovers of my recent memory. Especially as a person who has a vulnerability for depression, going balls to the wall at a festival […]

  • 22nd August 2018

Charles Duhigg`s The Power of Habit {Book Review}

When I learned about habits under Professor BJ Fogg from Stanford University I realized that in order to become better at behavior psychology and in particular in habit formation I need to read every piece of relevant literature that I can get my hands on. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhig was the one […]

  • 13th August 2018

Podcast Launch — So I am Starting a Psychology Podcast

Hey Friendo For quite some time I have been racking my brain how I can add value to you guys. One of the main motivators to start my blog was so that I can sprinkle something real in the vain and narcissistic play garden that is the world of Instagram.  But How? I don’t in […]

  • 11th August 2018

How To Overcome Writer's Block

Hey Buddy! I was asked lately by a ton of people what I do when I have writer’s block. I am writing a book right currently. An endeavor that one must never undertake unless he is ready for excruciating pain. If I could choose between the agony of writing a book, and being fisted by […]

  • 10th August 2018

Losing My Virginity — Richard Branson {Book Review}

When do you think of the word successful what Person comes first to mind? For me, success means that you live an extraordinarily adventurous life. A life on your terms. That you have successfully monetized your passion and that you add massive value to others while doing so. You work with fun and amazing people and […]

  • 6th August 2018

Go All The Way — Mecklenburgische Seenplatte{Travel Journal Day 4}

I sit on the ground. My bare feet touch the grass. Shoes are overrated. I hear goats in the background. Two of them are having sex. A couple of butterflies and blue dragonflies circle around me. There are no clouds in the sky and no protection from the blasting sun. I don’t talk. I write. Only […]

  • 28th July 2018

1000 Book Challenge

Hi Fckface, jab it’s me again. Thanks for tuning in for another dose of what goes on in my weird mind. Some Time ago I realized that I successfully mastered the art of messing up and that It is maybe time to copy some habits of people who are on the opposite side of the spectrum; people who are […]

  • 17th July 2018

Take The First Step — Krakow Day 4 {Travel Journal}

Krakow Day 4 As I write this article, I am flying towards Hamburg, my home. My seat on the plane is located between two old lovely polish ladies who are incredibly obese. Being a two-meter tall giant has many advantages, flying comfortably is not one of them. Good thing that I don’t have a problem […]

  • 16th July 2018

Tiny Steps — Krakow Day 3 {Travel Journal}

Krakow Day 3 {Travel Journal} Its Sunday Morning in Krakow. My brain feels like it was deep fried in a microwave. I really get the worst hangovers. I get my behind up and go to the bathroom to have some Wim Hof Cold Showers to get human again. As much as my brain hurts, I […]

  • 15th July 2018

Words Become Things — Krakow Day 2

Krakow Day 2 I successfully found my friend in Krakow. On the way from the train station to his apartment, we walk along the Wisla, the beautiful river that flows through Krakow. The next morning I wake up by the sound of my buddy punching in some code into his MacBook keyboard. After our daily […]

  • 14th July 2018

The Best Time To Start Is Yesterday — Krakow Day One

Krakow Day One I am in Kattowitz now, Poland in a small bus with my MacBook on lap, writing. This trip, however, is a bit different from the hedonistic adventures that I normally undertake. In this trip, I visit a dear friend of mine who helps me with coming to a step closer to living […]

  • 12th July 2018

Peter F. Drucker`s The Effective Executive {Book Review}

I first heard about The Effective Executive when I listened to an interview with Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose. And Tim Ferris recommends Peter Drucker’s book as the best management and efficiency book that is out there. One of my major missions is to emulate the behaviors of high achievers in order to check if […]

  • 11th July 2018

Being Ok With Not Being Ok

In my second Podcast episode, I interviewed the Painter Tonja, in our wide-ranging conversation I came across a concept that she called ” being ok with not being ok“. If you want to listen to the full episode click here to check it out. The initiator was that we discussed a question about our future self. […]

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