Krakow Day 3 {Travel Journal}

It is Sunday morning in Krakow.  My brain feels like it was deep-fried in a microwave.  I really get the worst hangovers.  I get my behind up and go to the bathroom to have some Wim Hof Cold Showers to get human again.

As much as my brain hurts, I cannot help but smile, the night before, my buddy and I decided that after intense screen starring that it was time to dive into Krakow’s nightlife.

Since we both had to do tons of work on Sunday, we decided to go with ”Tranquilo“ and take it slow.

Food and booze are ridiculously cheap in Poland.  As my buddy explained to me the concept of “pijalnia wodki“, which are basically bars where you get everything from beer to hard booze for 1 euro, I realise that I am doomed.

Apparently, Tranquilo in polish means to go from bar to bar and have vodka shots.

But that story is for another time.

So, we have coffee and get dressed for work; we discuss girls and last night’s adventure.

As soon as we arrive at the restaurant, we order omelettes and start to work.  Quitting 9-5 also means that you quit not working on the weekends as well.

Opening up Instagram and Facebook today was quite the experience.  As I open Google Analytics, I realise that thousands of people have read the stuff that I wrote on my blog.

As much as this was inspiring to see, I also felt frightened.  On my blog, I write very openly about my struggle with mental health and about all kinds of fcked up stories of mine.  Weirdly, people from all over the world can see my vulnerabilities now.

However, as anxious as this got me, I got deeply meaningful messages where people told that they have been struggling with depression also and that they also want to get they ass up and get into gear and start whatever is important to them.

This really motivated me to show that even big boys can fail spectacularly, but that it is possible to turn yourself around.

It is World Cup day; we did not account for that.  So, as we punch in words and code into our keyboards, we are surrounded by carefree football fans.  Funny scenery.

As we get close to finishing our work session, I feel a bit caged and that I need a break from tech and from the city.  So we decide to do some hiking and conquer Krakow’s biggest mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, my buddy asks some locals in polish about which route we should take.  What we got was not only directions but also a subtle warning; apparently, they were having a problem with wild boars in the forest.

Hiking in the forest was really meditative, no cars or people in sight.  Finally, we make it to the top, the view is breath-taking.

It feels like you can oversee the entire country of Poland.  On one side, you have mighty mountains while on the other side, you have a perfect view of Krakow.

After watching clouds together with my buddy yesterday and today hiking together, I cannot help myself but throw out some puns that we finally made it to our own Brokeback Mountain.  Bromances are really something.

Tiny Steps

We talk future, and I ask where he sees himself in three years.  If you are reading this, I urge you to take a second and ask yourself the same question.

If failure would not be on the table, where would you be in 3 years?

Having a vision or a compelling dream is of utmost importance.  Starting with the end in mind, and holding on to your personal meaning is the best hack to make it through whatever life throws your way.

If future you would travel back in time, what kind of advice would that version of you give you?  What do you need to double down on, what do you need to stop immediately, who in your life do you need to spend more time with, who do you have to cut out?

So, my plea to you is, that you right now take a tiny step towards this thing, and do it now.

Tiny course changes that you do today, more often than not result in much bigger results than expected.

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