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    The 18th episode of The Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim features the world-leading shopping psychology expert Siemon Scamell-Katz and author of the bestseller The Art of Shopping. 


    Why Did I Want To Learn From Siemon Scamell-Katz?

    I reached out to Siemon Scamell-Katz shortly after I created my first product – Planniness, a journal that was designed to help people live more balanced and stressfree lives.

    My team and I put a great deal of effort into the invention of this behavior technology and we were excited to get feedback from customers so that we could create an even better journal out of it, so we uploaded it to amazon and waited… and waited… and waited.

    After one entire month, we had one sale, and that sale came from my mother( shout out to you mom for always believing in me x).

    That month taught me something – no matter how good the product, people need to learn that it exists.

    I knew that in order to help people to change their behavior at the scale I first need to understand how to reach them.

    Being the lazy bastard that I am, I reached out to one of the foremost authorities in the field of shopping psychology in order to understand why people buy stuff.

    Why learn everything yourself if you can just ask people who already have the answer to your problem right!?🤷🏻‍♂️

    That expert was Siemon Scamell-Katz, the author of the bestseller – The Art of shopping.

    Siemon was one of the very first practitioners of shopper research, being the first in the world to conduct eye-tracking in-store, to research shopper behavior in Virtual Reality, and to conduct shopper marketing fMRI and eye-tracking studies.

    This man isn’t an expert, he is a pioneer who invested decades of his life into observing us, filming us, and tracking our eye movements in order to predict when people buy.

    Whether you are a producer who sells stuff or a customer who buys stuff, the information that Siemon collected is pure gold and this Podcast is a must-listen.

    What Is This Episode About?

    • How To Get People To Buy Stuff
    • Siemons Journey of Success
    • His pioneering work in consumer psychology
    • His early entrepreneurial pursuits
    • How to create a bestselling book
    • Why most marketing is a waste of money
    • Why Supermarkets make the life of customers miserable
    • The power of environment and placement

    Do You Want To Change Your Habits? 


    About the guest

    Siemon Scamell-Katz
    Follow Up

    Siemon Scamell-Katz

    Crusader and pioneer of Shopper marketing, Siemon Scamell-Katz was the founder in 1991 of ID Magasin, the international shopper strategy consultancy. Acquired in 2006 by TNS he became Global Innovation Director of TNS Retail and Shopper.

    Siemon was one of the very first practitioners of shopper research, being the first in the world to conduct eye-tracking in-store, to research shopper behaviour in Virtual Reality and to conduct shopper marketing fMRI and eye tracking studies. Importantly it is through work with the leading global brands and retailers, using a combination of shopper research, global insight and strategic consultancy that he believes he has delivered most.

    Scamell-Katz is the author of “The Art of Shopping”, one of the world’s most powerful books on shopper behaviour.

    On a good day, Siemon Scamell-Katz can be quite amusing, so he’s a popular speaker and commentator on the shopper and shopper-based business. He is enthusiastic, nay passionate, when it comes to embedding shopper insight and using it to drive strategy. He’s also pretty keen on his kids, art and cricket: the order varies sometimes.

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