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    Why I wanted to learn from Scott Young 

    I stumbled over Scott Young when I was doing research for my upcoming book “The Behavior Architect”, at that time I made it my mission to read all “habit” books that I could get my hands on, talk to the authors and share my learnings with you guys.

    Scott Young by that time already published several articles about habit formation and wrote the book “How To Change A Habit” that I found tremendously helpful. 

    One of the reasons why I started The Psychology Podcast was because I wanted to motivate people to discover learning as their superpower.

    Scott Young already did that, so I reached out to him in order to ask him how he did it.

    Scott Young is always in learning mode and over the course of his career as an educational entrepreneur has helped thousands of people to find strategies to learn better. 


    What is this episode about?

    • Scott Young’s view on happiness and success 
    • How he became the person that he is today
    • The motivation behind his MIT Challenge 
    • Tips on how to learn better
    • Advice for starting entrepreneurs 
    • His favorite language learning tools

    About the guest

    Scott Young
    Follow Up

    Scott Young

    Scott Young is a lifelong learner and online entrepreneur who runs the business ScottHYoung.com where he tries to answer the question: “What’s the best way to learn?” through free articles, and a series of books and courses.

    In a world of limitless access to information, it’s become possible for all of us to direct our own learning like never before. And Scott is a great example of someone doing this – taking on ambitious ultra learning projects which include:

    1. The MIT Challenge, where he successfully learned MIT’s 4-year computer science curriculum in a year without taking classes
    2. The Year Without English, where he travelled the world with a friend to learn four languages in a year – Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Korean.

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    Here is some homework for you. It's your turn now!

    Visit Scott Young’s blog and check out his new bestselling book Ultra Learning!


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