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  • Inside the Mind of a Poet

    Who is Mona Mandouri?

    Hi, I am Mona.

    Most people need a name for an introduction-maybe because they’re too lazy to make one up themselves?

    I write. I always wrote. I made up bedtime stories until my mom fell asleep. I freestyled about things I have seen and fell in love with during the day.

    Most of the times I sung them for hours on the toilet. Wich, I still love to do because the acoustic in bathrooms make you sound so lovely.

    I was too scared to do art.

    It always looked like a crucial, beautiful dangerous draining solution for everything. Like heroin. That’s how I felt about it.

    So I went into the creative industry. I became a copywriter-for all sorts of clients around the world during the day hours.

    I don’t know much about hours.

    Here I discovered that I always was a writer. And that I have found my purpose a long time ago without noticing.

    So every now and then, in the other hours, I started to read out my poetry.

    Every now and then I’ll be part of an art project, installation, design concept, songwriting, video shoot and so on.  And I love it.

    Constantly willing and devoted to express myself for me or for others.

    And the need to be closer than physically close. Wanting to be in your head and heart close, I guess makes me the writer and person that I am.

    And I love roses for various reasons.

    Is that enough information?

    Website is soon to come.

    Love m

    What is this episode about?

    • Her first 60 minutes of the day
    • Why she became a writer
    • What happiness is for her
    • Her advice to aspiring writers
    • Favorite / least favorite words and noises
    • Three success tips that have helped him
    • The book she has recommended most often
    • The life slogan she would put on every coffee mug in the world
    • What her childhood was like
    • What it feels like to evoke emotions in people
    • What she would love to see standing at the gates of heaven

    Why Mona Mandouri?

    I met Mona Mandouri (@lotus.lobster} a few years ago, but only very recently discovered her poetry, that she reads to people. I managed to come to one of her readings. There I saw her sitting in front of the audience, on a small desk with very little light.

    Next to her was a bunch of notes and a glass full of red wine.  She looked nervous and confident at the same time.

    It was an honest situation, a naked situation. All eyes were eyes were on her. She felt that, so she took a big sip of wine and started reading. I never saw a true poet in my life.

    This was the first time for me.

    Being the psychology geek that I am, I observed the crowd more, than I observed Mona.

    And what I saw was tears and deep connection.

    Mona has the gift of evoking true emotions in people, and because of this ability, I believe her poetry is not so far away from therapy.

    This why I wanted to Interview her for my psychology podcast.

    As always thank you for listening!
    Drop a comment and let me know what your biggest take away was!


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    Mona  Mandouri
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    Mona Mandouri

    Mona has the gift of evoking true emotions in people, and because of this ability, I believe her poetry is not so far away from therapy.

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