• Dr. Paul Conti
  • How Trauma Works & How We Can Heal From It

    Dr. Paul Conti, MD from Stanford University School of Medicine and author of Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic sits down with Daniel Karim in order to discuss his journey of becoming.



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    What is this episode about?

    • How Dr. Paul Conti became the person he is today.
    • What Dr. Paul Conti learned about trauma from the tragic suicide of his brother.
    • The story behind his book Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic.
    • The psychology of trauma.
    • Self-healing habits we all need to acquire.
    • What he learned from Tim Ferris.
    • Mistakes most therapists make when trying to help people overcome their traumas.
    • What he learned from Andrew Huberman.
    • How he stumbled into being an influencer.
    • Whats wrong with the psychiatric system of the world.
    • The importance of character.
    • His methods for becoming a good person.

    Video Interview With Dr. Paul Conti

    About the guest

    Dr. Paul Conti
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    Dr. Paul Conti

    Paul Conti, MD is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his psychiatry training at Stanford and at Harvard, where he was appointed chief resident and then served on the medical faculty before moving to Portland and founding a clinic. Dr. Conti specializes in complex assessment and problem-solving, as well as both health and performance optimization, serving patients and clients throughout the United States and internationally, including the executive leadership of large corporations. His new book is Trauma: the Invisible Epidemic: How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It.

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