• Dr. Guy Winch
  • The Dangers Of Hope

    Dr. Guy Winch one of the world’s leading psychologists and most successful Ted speakers of all time sits down with Daniel Karim in order to talk about his journey of becoming one of the most influential therapists in the world, what it is like to help millions of people and what we can do once our heart is broken.


    What is this episode about?

    • How Dr. Guy Winch became the person he is today.
    • The biggest lesson he learned from his twin brother.
    • Life lessons Dr. Guy Winch learned from his private practice.
    • Why Dr. Guy Winch became a psychologist and therapist.
    • What it’s like to help millions of people.
    • The dangers of hope.
    • How to heal a broken heart.
    • How we can let go of beliefs that aren’t serving us.
    • Questions everybody should ask themselves.
    • His most memorable cases.

    Video Interview Dr. Guy Winch

    About the guest

    Dr. Guy Winch
    Follow Up

    Dr. Guy Winch

    Guy Winch is a licensed psychologist who works with individuals, couples and families. As an advocate for psychological health, he has spent the last two decades adapting the findings of scientific studies into tools his patients, readers and audience members can use to enhance and maintain their mental health. As an identical twin with a keen eye for any signs of favoritism, he believes we need to practice emotional hygiene with the same diligence with which we practice personal and dental hygiene.

    His books — Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday HurtsThe Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the Right Way to Get Results, Improve Your Relationships and Enhance Self-Esteem; and How to Fix a Broken Heart have been translated into 26 languages. He also writes the popular “Squeaky Wheel Blog” on PsychologyToday.com.

    In January, Winch partnered with TED to launch Dear Guy, a science-based advice column for TED’s Ideas blog. His new podcast, Dear Therapists, is cohosted with fellow TED speaker Lori Gottlieb and executive produced by Katie Couric. He has also dabbled in stand-up comedy.

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