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    The 23rd episode of the Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim features Australian Behaviorist, Self-Help Author, and Psychotherapist Claudia Soul.

    For hundreds of years, we have been taught that being an apprentice is a precondition to becoming a master at anything.

    Nowadays, however, we tend to look down on people who seek mentorship from those who produce superior life results.

    Outside of business, we, as a society, still treat people who seek help as if they are broken commodities.

    A poor-performing student who invests in private tutoring is viewed as stupid; a grieving person who has a therapist is viewed as weak; an obese person who gets a personal trainer is considered to be undisciplined because they can’t lose weight alone.

    People rather “figure it out for themselves” instead of reaching out to a teacher who can show them a few tricks here and there to solve their problem more effectively.

    Through my blog, I met many individuals who managed to architect and live extraordinary lives with extraordinary relationships, and one of the surprising commonalities among couples who produced spectacular romantic results was that they were surrounded by one or multiple mentors or romantic counselors.

    They did so because they understood one important truth: Love is a team sport.

    Intimacy ensues if two people have the right

    • Belief system
    • Cognitive patterns
    • Skills
    • Rituals
    • Environment
    • Compatibility

    But how does one learn what the right romantic patterns are? 

    My answer; Learn from masters who dedicated their lives to the deconstruction of this psychic phenomenon.

    One of those mentors that I want to introduce to you right now is Claudia Soul.

    Claudia Soul is an Australian behaviorist, a self-help author, and psychotherapist who dedicated her life to the investigation of the human condition and she has helped countless individuals to live more meaningful lives and better relationships.

    Claudia and I had many insightful conversations over the last year about what love is, what it isn’t, and how one can heal a broken heart.

    What is this episode about?

    • What to do when a relationship falls apart
    • How to move on after a meaningful relationship
    • How to escape romantic projection
    • How to unlove someone
    • What successful couples have in common
    • How to escape the runner chaser dynamic
    • How to stop messing up your own relationships

    About the guest

    Claudia Soul
    Follow Up

    Claudia Soul

    Soul’s mission is to ensure you overcome the internal struggles that cause you to ‘stall’ in life, stopping you from achieving your’ goals and the life you desire. She’s created one master life skill which is the result of her research while working with thousands of clients over the last twenty years. The skill can be learned and results in greater connection, motivation, focus and the ability to be truly present in your’ life in order to ‘create’, thrive and reach your’ desired potential. Ultimately you find your’ path.

    This desire to serve others is deeply rooted in her own journey of experiencing trauma, including witnessing extreme domestic violence as a child, the loss of her older brother when he was 32 and growing up feeling alone and disconnected to the world and others. She lived through her twenties with self-doubt, a lack of confidence and feeling like a successful and happy life wasn’t something she was meant to experience. Soul says this affected her relationships and her ability to thrive and reach her full potential in life. The loss of her younger sister in 2018 saw her face the same challenge of disconnect again, however this time she noticed she was able to recover faster using the same skill she has developed to help others.

    After completing her initial Degree in Counselling and Human Change twenty years ago, Claudia Soul’s twenty-year career began by working in addictions and then with clients experiencing a variety of issues including trauma, relationships, lack of intimacy, anger, but collectively what she describes as an overall sense of disconnect with the world, something she was familiar with and had identified in her research as a common denominator.

    In her private practice she has worked with thousands of clients and also conducted well-being training for organisations like Uber and NBC Universal. Her love of working with others to learn, led to Soul spending the last 5 years as an academic tutor at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, tutoring Students completing a Masters in Psychotherapy.

    ​Soul has spoken overseas on the same stage as some personal development greats in the USA and ran a successful podcast ‘Sexually Connected’ aired out of Los Angeles. But her desire to go a level deeper, bring her research together and piece together all the short-term fixes offered up today has resulted in a book and online program to be launched July, 2021. It’s a not to be missed life changer!

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