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  • The Instagram Professor

    Christos Nikas Instagram expert, keynote speaker, and content strategist sits down with Daniel Karim in order to talk about his uncommon journey of becoming, what it takes to grow a following, how he learned to help more than 100.000 people on the internet, and what we can do in order increase our therapeutic footprint in the world.


    What is this episode about?

    • How Christos Nikas became the person he is today.
    • The secrets to helping
    • The up & downsides of being an influencer.
    • What Christos Nikas learned from growing up in Greece.
    • How to get 100.000 Followers on Instagram.
    • The psychology of Instagram.
    •  His idea on success and happiness.
    • The power of helping others.
    • How to create posts that go viral.
    • What it’s like to have 100.000 Followers.
    • The dangers of fame.
    • How we can let go of beliefs that aren’t serving us.
    • Questions everybody should ask themselves.
    • Secret tactics that anybody can use in order to expand their reach on social media.

    Video Interview Christos Nikas

    About the guest

    Christos Nikas
    Follow Up

    Christos Nikas

    Christos Nikas. Creative guy. Just like you.

    He helps creators, freelancers & creative entrepreneurs to understand and grow the business side of their talent, by speaking, coaching, and putting out content on youtube, his blog, and social media.

    He talks about handling objections & negotiations better, charging for profit,  being more creative selling, and maximizing every detail of communication -both online & offline. Inspiring professionals like you to become a Creative Business Machine!

    He joined the Wedding Industry back in 1996, remaining a very active business owner until today, managing one of Greece’s leading event entertainment firms, Wedding Republic.

    In 2017 he focuses on education creating WDJC -Greece’s national Wedding DJ Convention- that grew into its current form, the Creative Business Conference. An annual summit for event professionals and creative entrepreneurs, taking place in Athens in March.

    In 2018 he starts providing seminars and one on one coaching and in 2019 he creates the Creative Business Show. A YouTube channel where he puts weekly content with straightforward, no-nonsense, clear advice on how to grow your creative business.

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