• 13th August 2018

Podcast Launch — So I am Starting a Psychology Podcast

Hey Friendo
For quite some time I have been racking my brain how I can add value to you guys.
One of the main motivators to start my blog was so that I can sprinkle something real in the vain and narcissistic play garden that is the world of Instagram.  But How?
I don’t in any kind of way feel qualified enough, however, to become suddenly the ” This is how you should do it, guy”.
I am more the “WTF I have no idea what I am doing type of guy”.
But what I can do, is find people who are kicking a*s in life, and straight ask them how they are doing it!
I started my journey of pursuing my dream of becoming a vagabond and nomad psychologist because I wanted to show people that transformation is actually possible. So all of this is sorta an expert, to document my journey of getting my sh*t. Maybe even inspire you even a little bit to all out yourself.
If I can do it, so can you.
This is why some time ago I made myself on the hunt for extraordinary people in order to pick their brains and learn about their psychology.
You already know about my 1000 book challenge and my book club. Reading 1000 books is gonna take me some while though. So being the lazy ba*tard that I am I was looking for a shortcut. So I thought why not reach out directly to world experts and outstanding people, and ask them how they got there!
This way I must grow much faster as if I would try to figure out everything for myself.
This is why I named my Psychology Podcast Grow.
Who do you interview? 
Each episode will feature a guest who will inspire your mind and give you a different perspective on the many paths that can lead to a fulfilled and rich life.
My definition of success varies from the conventional way.
I believe a dirtbag free climber who lives stoically in his van, in order to do what he loves, has as much to teach us as a millionaire silicon valley entrepreneur. But just to make sure, however, I will ask both of them!
My guest varies from self-made millionaires, digital nomads, founders to monks, professional athletes, artist, poets authors to singers. I go all Liam Nelson on you guys: IF YOU ARE KICKING AS* IN LIFE; I WILL FIND YOU!
I try to dissect and extract the habits, rituals, routines, tools, patterns of extraordinary people in order to understand their psychology.
This includes their favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, nutritional philosophies, and their ideas of happiness and success.
Why did I start a Podcast?
I spent years and years of studying clinical psychology. Meaning the science of unhappiness. For quite some time I was my own case study. I was unhappy, and sometimes to this day I still have my fair share of trouble with myself.
However, over the last 10 years of studying psychology,  I can proudly say that I know a thing or 2 about mood disorders and depression. I am so to say an expert in unhappiness. An expert at how to not do things.
For quite some time the focal point of my interest shifted to the other side of the spectrum. How are happy and successful people doing things?
At the moment I am interested in gathering habits, success secrets, behavioral patterns, tricks and tools that you and I can use in our daily life to grow.
At the same time, I discuss with my guest, habits, mindsets, tools and life philosophies one should stay away from.
Therefore in my podcast, I try to look for gold nuggets in the treasure trove that is the human mind.
Shoutout to: Tim Ferris and BJ Fogg. The two of you inspired me to start my own journey of understanding how this whole human thing works. Hope that soon I will be able to give something back to you guys. 
Thank you,
Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast. Write in the comments: If you could have dinner with any person in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose to chill with?!

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