Become the architect of your life

The Planniness Journal will help you to achieve your goals, reflect on your behavior and boost your gratitude.


Don’t plan what you have to do. Plan for what you want to do.


Write. It. Down. Articulate your thoughts, so words can become things!


Magic? No, science. Planniness uses a psychological trick to massively enhance the chances of you following through with your planned actions. Let subconscious behavior mechanics work for you 😉

What is Planniness?

The idea of Planniness is to transform you into the architect of your life. The daily prompts in this journal were created to help you achieve your goals, reflect on your behavior and boost your gratitude.

This journal is based on the latest research that indicates that visualizing your ideal day in combination with articulating little strategies, will boost your chances for success in a significant way.

Achieve Your Goals

With our scientifically proven implementation trias – Planniness guides you through by adding a trigger and an accountability system to your planned actions, hence making sure that you actually have the day you want!

Reflect on Your Behavior

What have you learned today that can make tomorrow 1% better? What have you learned last week that you can take with you into next week? Journaling also incredibly insightful when it comes to patterns and developments. Keep track of your happiness scale and reoccurring topics in your learnings!

Boost Your Gratitude

Sometimes it’s not about having too little, it’s about appreciating too little. Planniness will help you recalibrate and to practice sharpening your senses to the good in and around you.

Create Your Perfect Day

Our happiness recipe is a balanced mixture of designing and appreciating the 24 hours you are gifted with. Which actions bring you joy or the sense of fulfillment? Do them. What went great today? Appreciate it. What could you do to make tomorrow even better? Prepare. We don’t say everyday is perfect. Some days suck, and that’s okay. But make the most of them anyway. We got you.

The Daily

The objective of the Daily is to guide you through your day and help you make the most of it.

The Weekly

The weekly has two parts: Assessing the last, and preparing the next week. Especially bigger goals are hard to plan from day to day. Use the weekly to keep track on developments and bigger picture goals!

The Exercises

You have several psychological exercises challenging your desires and goals and equipping you with valuable psychological insights.

Compliment Cards

This challenge aims at reminding us to appreciate the people around us. Cut out the card and give it to the person you think deserves the compliment the most.

Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes it’s hard finding motivation within yourself. We got you.


What customers are saying

Great Journal

My Job is very busy, I often have more obligations than I have time, and I often forget to schedule in leisure activities that I want to do that have nothing to do with work, Planniness helped me to live a more balanced life and become holistically happier


A Big Difference

I use Planniness for 2 months now, and it already made a big difference in my life. What I like about this Journal is that it’s backed by science. Starting my day with a gratitude routine and ending my day with a self-assessment has been the key for my success lately


My Favourite Journal

I have tried many journals, Planniness is my favorite. The quotes are so powerful and beautifully designed, sharing those motivational messages with my friends on Instagram has become one of my favorite moments of the day. My favorite aspect of Planniness is the happiness scale, where I assess daily how I feel, this little habit of honestly telling myself where I am emotionally boosted my self-awareness in a significant way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also ship globally?
Yes, we collaborate with Amazon Kindle Global. Planniness is available in more than a hundred countries on 4 continents.
If I don’t like Planniness, can I have my money back?
Yes, we have a 100 % Refund Policy, no questions asked.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as PayPal payments.

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