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Dear Friend, 
I have no idea how you got to this website. 
Maybe you listened to one of my expert interviews through The Psychology Podcast. Maybe you are one of my students of The Behavior University that I founded. Maybe a friend told you about my coaching service.
Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck.  
But, however, you made it here, you arrived at what is, without question, the most valuable blog on the world wide web.  (Yes, I’m cocky like that – get used to it). 
Here’s why: Back in 2015 I started to get obsessed with two simple questions; 
What separates extraordinary individuals from ordinary ones? And is it possible to join the ranks of the elite if one emulates their success patterns?
The motivation for this investigation was simple; At the time I was broke, unhappy, and as fucking far away from being an honorable individual as one can be.
I figured that if somebody with as little talent, resources, and opportunity as me could completely turn his life around and become an ultra-successful individual – it is indeed possible for everyone to do the same.
This investigation of high performance and ultra contribution made me reach out and learn from some of the most spectacular individuals on the planet such as elite scientists, professional athletes, best-selling authors, Nobel peace prize winners, and even several billionaires and state authorities.
In my letters, I share with you the habits, favorite books, trade secrets, character traits, belief systems, and bio hacks of these world-changers so that you can join me in my strange quest of finding out how far human potential really goes.
Since I started writing on my blog, I have received thousands upon thousands of messages from people from more than 50 countries telling me how much my content has helped them to make a fortune, saved their mental health (and, in some cases, literally saved their lives), kept their relationships functioning… and… in many different ways… had a therapeutic impact on their lives – meaning that things were better because of my content.
After I started to charge a premium fee for my private practice – I began to ponder… “Mhh, fck, if what I do helps people, maybe it should be available for everyone on the planet…. even if they can’t afford my coaching services…”
Therefore, I share all my content right here on this website and this newsletter … for … everyone in the world… to read…
Absolutely Free of charge!

What’s the content of my letters to you?

The content of a newsletter could be free giveaways, behavior technologies, favorite books, effective bio hacks, educative videos, new blog posts, expert interviews, new masterclasses, and other psychology tools that I created or explored recently. 
It’s 100% free. There is nothing you have to buy… and … on this blog …
Please excuse my writing here but I hate these damn things more than Bill Clinton hates fidelity.
Anyway, I write a new issue of behavior weekly approximately once a week, and if you want to have your brain stimulated you can click below and send me your e-mail address. Then, I will put you on the email list for this newsletter.
I hope you will find as much value in these letters from me as thousands of others have.
Happy upgrading


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