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Create Your Daily Routines And Hack Your Life

Habit Formation

Learning about habit formation is the most important skill in life. Learn how to create new habits fast and efficient so that your habits work for you and not against you.

Behavior Stop

Successful people are the architects of their behavior. Unsuccessful people are the victims of their bad habits. 

Learning how to identify and break bad habits will radically transform your results in your business and in your life. 

Redesign Your Environment

Habit formation is a design process, and the most powerful way to get quick and lasting change is to radically change your environment.

Transform your life

Change Your Habits - Change Your Life

Create New Habits

Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your relationships or decrease stress, the key to your success is to change your habits. 

Breaking Bad Habits

Learn how to identify and design against bad habits in order to reach your fullest potential. 

Achieve Your Goals

Learn how to master the art of goal setting and strategical execution.

Stop Procrastinating

Learn proven techniques that will make it easier to get started and achieve your goals precise and strategically

No more shame and guilt

Habit formation will teach you that there is no need for blame, shame or even guilt. You will learn how to make habits stick by actively designing your towards your true needs and values.

Tap Into the Power of Compounding

Learn how the tiniest changes in your life will add up and transform you and business into what you truly deserve

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About Me

I split my time between teaching people about habit formation, creating behavior changing products on my website and raise awareness for mental health as a psychology Influencer.

After having mastered the art of failing earlier´ in my life, I switched the focal point of my interest from messing up to the psychology of fulfillment and success.

Today I interview high achievers and world-class psychology experts in order to democratize the trade secrets of ultra-competent people.

I also enjoy playing basketball and drinking red wine, not necessarily at the same time though.

„Changing your habits means changing your life!“

Daniel Karim

Habit Formation

Create new habits to enhance your life

Habit Formation Crashcourse


  • 5 Day Email Coaching
  • Create 3 New Tiny Habits
  • 3 Behavior Technologies
  • Master the basics of habit formation!
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Habit Coaching


  • Become a behavior Designer!
  • 3 Week Email Coaching
  • Create 3 New Tiny Habits
  • Break 3 Bad Habits
  • 3 Skype Sessions
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • 5 Behavior Technologies
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Behavior Architect


  • Become a Behavior Expert
  • 6 Weeks Weeks Email Coaching
  • 6 Skype Sessions
  • Situational Analasysis of your life
  • Accountabiltiy Coaching
  • Life Blueprint Creation
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • 8 Behavior Technologies
  • 1 Masterclass
  • Form New Habits at Will
  • Get Rid of Bad Habits
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • Monthly Action Plans
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Behavior Counselor


  • 3 Month Accountability Coaching
  • Bi Monthly Skype Sessions
  • Weekly Action Plans
  • Monthly Action Plans
  • Form 3 New Habits Every Month
  • Break 3 Bad Habits Every Month
  • Psychology Exercise Flatrate
  • Behavior Technology Flat
  • Accountability Coaching Package
  • Become a Behavior Expert
  • Form New Habits at Will
  • Get Rid of Bad Habits
  • End Procastion
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30-DAY money back guarantee

If you don’t like the coaching and material for whatever reason, simply send me an email and I’ll refund you your money immediately. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got ques­tions? Maybe we have an answer for you

What habits can you help me with?

Goal of my coaching program is to teach help you help yourself. I believe my mission in life is to help you go where you truly want to go.
All habits follow the same principles. It does not matter whether you want to lose weight, increase confidence, find more joy, manage your stress, build resilience, stop smoking, improve your sleep habits. 
All habits have the same components, and I will teach you how to manipulate them so that you can design a rich life for yourself.

What sorts of people work with a Personal Habit Coach?

From my experience, almost every type of individual will come to me for coaching. The only trait that those people had in common was that they were hungry for change and improvement. People I work with are usually driven to acquire the skills necessary to upgrade one or two areas in their life where they are stuck or want to have different results. 


What will I have to do?

To get the best out of my habit coaching system you need to have positive attitude, you must be willing to learn and you need to b hungry for the achievement of your goals. 

We are teaching you techniques and behavior changing technologies that aim at giving you the necessary toolset to design your personal custom-made dream life for yourself.

How does habit coaching is different from Life Counselling?

Life Counseling often aims at you doing a lot of soul-searching. Habit coaching solely aims at teaching you in the fastest way possible how habit formation works and how you can use techniques that will enable you to design your behavior so that you can create the habits which are necessary for you to achieve your desired outcomes long term. Habit coaching will teach you how tiny changes will transform you into the person who would regularly get the results you desire.

What will improve in my life when I decide to work with you on my habits?

Plain and simple, habit coaching will improve your habits, and in consequence, will improve your life. 

It does not need a lot of time or effort to work. You will learn how to create daily routines and environmental hacks that are necessary for you to optimize your life away from failure and towards success. 

Why does habit coaching work?

Habit coaching is the most practical, efficient and science-based coaching program I ever encountered. 

The tools, techniques, psychology exercises and journals that I use in the coaching program are all battle tested by my myself, my readers and by alumni of my programs. 

How did you learn about habit formation?

I learned a lot of what I know about behaior design from Professor Bj Fogg from Stanford University. He is widley regarded as the world leading expert in habit formation. 
I also studied psychology for 6 years at the university of hamburg.

While I was writing my book " Hacking Habits" I realized that in order to produce high qualitsy behavior changing products I need work with world leading experts in my niche. 
This is why I founded The Psychologiy Podcast where I interview high achievers and psychology experts from all over the world and take with them about habits and success. 

You work with a lot of case studies and stories how did you collect them?

I believe humans learn most efficiently when they are given stories and case studies. half my life is orientated about collecting success stories and behavior patterns. I'm currently on my own global investzigtion of happiness and behavipr formationn. this means that besides interviewing some of the world leading experts on my psychology podcast, I also trael the world and interview people of all kinds. Each time I travel the world I come back with new habits and techniques that I collected from the interviews of peole from different cultures. It#s my own little pursuit of deconstructing happiness and success. Of course this endevaour helps to provide clients with real life stories of change that you and I can emulate. 

Got other questions?

If you are unclear about something just write me a mail. 

FREE Habit Builder

Get my guide to tap into the power of habit formation for free.

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Download Habit Builder for free

By submitting and downloading the free product you will be assigned to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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I will help you tap into the power of habit formation in just few days.
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