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Behavior Architecture is a premium therapy system invented by Daniel Karim with the purpose of enabling individuals to realize their potential by helping them to align their beliefs, habits, and environment with their highest goals.

Very limited number of spots available

Behavior Architecture

Why Change?

Imagine two versions of yourself, six months, three years, and five years into the future.

What would your life look like if you would continue to repeat your disempowering habits every day?

Now, think the other way around, if you would actually stick with your resolutions and positive habits, who could you be in three years?

We may not recognize the effects that habits have on our lives, but each behavioral decision is a vote to who we become and what our life is going to be like.

Hitting the gym once might not transform you into a supermodel, but if you keep going after a year your body will be unrecognizable.

The same is true for bad habits of course.

Drinking a glass of red wine will not transform you into an alcoholic but with enough repetition and excessiveness, your body will fall apart sooner or later.

Behavior Architecture reminds you daily, weekly, and monthly to optimize your behavior so that you can enhance your health, wealth, and most importantly – your happiness.

This program is based on the idea that incremental improvement improves your life exponentially, for that reason each and every day you will be asked to improve your life by 1 Percent.

Doesn’t sound like a lot right? Let’s do the math…

If you succeed in getting 1 percent better each day for one year you will be thirty-seven times better by the time the year is over. 

Yes, thirty-seven fucking times better, you read right.

Let that sink in for a second and ask yourself; What kind of life results could you produce if your personal powers would increase thirty-seven fold?

Since your potential is limitless it’s impossible to project what you could become but it’s definitively worth finding out right?!

Behavior Architecture

Do you feel like you deserve…

A Meaningful career?

Life is too short for a dull and meaningless “job”, Behavior Architecture will help you to create a career that you can be proud of. 

A sense of somebodyness?

Behavior architecture will enable you to identify the origins of your own “stuck” and reconnect you to your true potential. 

a romantic relationship that doesn’t suck?

Habits make or break your relationships, the best starting point to change your relationship is by changing your romantic habits. 

To Control your anxiety?

Mastering your thought patterns will help you to control your fear system instead of having it control you. 

A Life without addictive habits?

Behavior Architecture will teach you to identify and break bad habits that make you less than you could be. 

A Depression Free Life?

Behavior Architecture helps you to become a person that is capable of producing a livable life that transcends its inescapable suffering. 

Empowering Beliefs?

Behavior Architecture teaches you the anatomy of beliefs and enables you to instal belief systems and values that serve you to become everything you can be. 

Financial Abundance?

Your bank account is a representation of your habits, if you want to produce different financial results you need to upgrade your financial behavior system. 

Behavior Architecture

What will you gain?

Behavioral Mastery

Mastering habit formation is the most powerful self-improvement hack there is. 

Emotional Mastery

Emotions create habits, mastering your habits will transform your emotional reality radically. 

Time Management

Behavior architecture will help you to spot disempowering and time consuming habits and give you the opportunity to create your personal masterpiece of a schedule. 


Once you learn that you can change yourself and the world around you, you can trust yourself to try new things and tackle new challenges. 

Environmental Manipulation

Your results are not created by you alone, but by your environment. Changing your system will enable you to change your life. 

Being a better person

Once you learn the art of behavioral transformation you can choose to become a different person, a better person. 

Getting what you want

Habit formation is magic, if you identify a new desired outcome, all you need to do is to install the right behavioral system and watch you grow smoothly into the person who can produce the result that you desire. 

Spotting bad habits

By investigating your behavior daily, weekly, monthly you will make disempowering patterns visible again, this gives you the ability to do something about your patterns of self-destruction. 

About Daniel

Daniel Karim, one of the foremost authorities in the field of behaviorism, introduces you to a proven framework that will teach you to build empowering habits, break bad ones and master your living environment so that you grow effortlessly into the person who capable of producing a life that is worth living.

Karim knows a thing or two about bad habits, as a depression survivor and former addict breaking bad behavioral patterns was a matter of life and death for him.

After years of studying psychology, interviewing the best behaviorists in the world, and writing hundreds of articles on the topic, Karim felt obliged to pass on what he learned and to create a simple, hands-on habit formation system that allows everyone to become who they want to be.

Behavior Architecture

Are you ready for your Behavior Bootcamp?

My behavior bootcamps are accountability coaching systems  that will help  you to upgrade you in the life dimensions of your choosing.

Besides exclusive zoom coaching sessions, we are going to use tested psychological exercises, teaching tales, assessments and unique behavior technologies that I invented to help you to produce the life results that you truly deserve.

Behavior Architecture

How it works


You will invent an ideal future blueprint and answer the question: What would my life look like if I could have it my way?


Learn how you can manipulate your living environment in way that it works for you instead of against you.


You will architect a success routine around yourself so that you become the person who is capable of producing the results you truly deserve.


For the duration of this program, you are going to become a behavior detective who will design, reflect and optimize his daily actions in a way that you can’t help yourself but to get better every single day.

Scientifically Proven Exercises

Upgrade your mindset with battle-tested psychological exercises that will enable you to unlock your potential so that success will become inevitable 

Grounded in Science

Behavior Architecture is a revolutionary integrative approach that combines the most effective aspects of cognitive-behavioral therapy, logotherapy, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, person-centered therapy, and solution-orientated counseling. 

Behavior Bootcamp

Phase 01


No matter your goals, Behavior Architecture offers a proven system for transforming you into the person who can achieve those goals.

If you are not happy with where you are in life, don’t be so quick to adopt all the blame for your shortcomings, the chances are high that you are simply operating out of a behavioral system that isn’t worthy of the noble things you currently pursue.

A Behavior Analysis will not only boost your self-awareness but it will also help you to detect dysfunctional patterns in your behavior, your cognition but also helps you to understand your current life results.

Behavior Bootcamp

Phase 02

Once we conceptualized your current lives problems, we try to answer an important question:

What would your life look like if you could have it your way?

Over a series of interviews and psychological techniques we are going to create an ideal future blueprint and a worst case future blueprint for you.

This phase of the coaching program is crucial b cause it will help you to discover and tame the two biggest motivational drivers there are; Hope and Fear.

The anticipation of attaining your ideal life combined with the the fear of ending up in your personal night- mare scenario will help you to orientate yourself in the world and push you forward towards meaning and fulfillment even in times of struggle.

Behavior Bootcamp

Phase 03

Behavior Architecture

Once we identified where yo want to go and what you want to become, we tap into the power of behavior architecture in order to make significant progress towards your goals.

I will teach you the basics of habit formation and provide you with a system that is going to align your habits, your beliefs and your living environment with your goals so that you grow smoothly into the person who is capable of producing your desired life results on a regular basis.

What my
clients say

“Worth Every Penny!”

Behavior Architecture changed the narrative that I had over myself, I was never a failure, I simply operated out of a system that didn’t produce success, big difference!

Franklin. G

„Best Habit Coaching Program On The internet“

I’ve tried many programs on the internet, but this is by far the most rapid transformational program that I came across, my life will never be the same again

Sarah. B

“Behavior Architecture Is The New Thing”

This has been the most powerful therapeutic investment that I made over the last 10 years. I wonder how much better my life would have been if I stumbled over Daniel Karim sooner.
Richard. J

“Everything Is Possible”

Behavior Architecture helped me to understand how I can change myself and with that – I feel unstoppable. 
As a mother of five, knowing about habit formation helped not only to better my life, but I will also make sure that my kids form the right habits and become good people. I will forever be grateful that I found this coaching program…

Mona. M

Voices of
the best

„Daniel has immersed himself amongst change makers and thought leaders“

Daniel, a natural born non-conformist, has immersed himself amongst change makers and thought leaders.  His authentic insight and vulnerability allow him to tap into and connect with people at their very core. He does not gift wrap or polish the lessons he learns along his journey, instead he shares every morsel along the way so others can join him. And we are very lucky since his journey is just beginning!

Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein (Harvard Psychologist, Author of Peserverence)

„Daniel helps people to unlock their potential“

Through his work, including the awesome Psychology Podcast, Daniel Karim helps people unlock their potential. The world would be a lot brighter if we had more people like Daniel around!”
James Whittaker (Keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy)
James Whittaker (Keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy)

“Daniel Karim brings energy to thinking about research in psychology and application to the world.”

Daniel Karim brings knowledge and energy to thinking about research in psychology and its application to the world. His blogs and podcast are a great source of information for anyone who feels like a better understanding of the mind would make them better at what they do.

Dr. Art Markman (Psychologist, Professor, bestselling author of Smart Change – Break the bad habits that hold you back)

Very Limited Number Of Spots Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got ques­tions? Maybe we have an answer for you

Can I expense this at my company or write it off in my business?

I don’t claim to be an accountant, but students are often able to get their training reimbursed by their company or write it off as a training expense for their small business.

What will I have to do?

To get the best out of my behavior optimization systems you need only one thing: Curiosity. 

If you are curious about the origins of your shortcomings we can deconstruct your life together and use the principles of habit formation to transform you into the person you want to be. 

What will improve in my life when I decide to work with you on my habits?

The most obvious thing that will improve in your life is you. Behavior Architecture was specially designed to realize your potential and give you the tools to become who you want to be. 


If for any reason you’re not happy with the results you and I generated, you can pause the program at any time and we implement changes until you are satisfied with the psychotherapeutic format of our collaboration.

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