Krakow Day One

I am in Kattowitz now, Poland, on a small bus with my MacBook on my lap writing.

This trip, however, is a bit different from the hedonistic adventures that I usually undertake.

On this trip, I visit a dear friend of mine who helps me with coming to a step closer to living my dream life.

This dream of mine is to combine my passion for psychology with living like a vagabond.

The Idea of travelling as a wayfarer around the world, and investigating the different paths that can lead to happiness was always compelling to me.

This is why I decided some time ago that I wanted to create a blog that allows me to write and work from everywhere in the world.  Raising awareness for mental health and teaching people about behavioural psychology.

My friend Pawel has lived this lifestyle for years now, and he inspired me also to leave the 9-5 bullshit behind and become a digital nomad myself.

My buddy, the best Web designer I know, helps me to turn these words into real things.

So right now, while sitting on this old bus, driving towards the beautiful city of Krakow, I feel like I am also driving towards a new chapter of my life.

If you are reading this, and you have something that you wanted to start a long time ago, something that puts you on fire, just start.

Let me tell you this from my own experience; things will never be perfect, you will always have excuses not to start, there is always more to prepare.  There is a point, however, where we have to run out of fucks, and just do it.

The best time to start to do you was yesterday.

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