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Behavior Weekly #16 – The Dangers Of Hope

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🎙New Podcast Episodes

In the 29th episode of the Psychology Podcast Dr. Guy Winch, one of the world’s leading psychologists and most successful Ted speakers of all time sits down with me in order to talk about his journey of becoming, what it is like to help millions of people and what we can do once our heart is broken. 

What is this episode about?

  • How Dr. Guy Winch became the person he is today.
  • The biggest lesson he learned from his twin brother.
  • Life lessons Dr. Guy Winch learned from his private practice.
  • Why Dr. Guy Winch became a psychologist and therapist.
  • What it’s like to help millions of people.
  • The dangers of hope.
  • How to heal a broken heart.
  • How we can let go of beliefs that aren’t serving us.
  • Questions everybody should ask themselves.
  • His most memorable cases.


Book Lounge – The Power of Habit with Daniel KarimI had a wonderful time on the book insights show with best-selling author Tom Butler Bowden and self-improvement expert Karin Richey.

This is one of the most intimate interviews I ever gave and I talked openly about how I overcame my own addiction, how I help individuals in my private practicewith their behavior problems, and what we can learn from the pioneers of psychotherapy such as Freud, Jung, Peterson, Rogers and other great thinkers of the past.

📺Video Of The Week

Harvest of Despair – The 1933 Ukrainian Famine It is called the forgotten holocaust – a time when Stalin was dumping millions of tons of wheat on Western markets, while in Ukraine, men, women, and children were dying of starvation at the rate of 25,000 a day, 17 human beings a minute. Seven to ten million people perished in a famine caused not by war or natural disasters, but by ruthless decree.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this tragedy the Ukrainian Famine Research Committee (former name of UCRDC) gathered materials, sought out eye-witnesses and documented this horrific event. Harvest of Despair is the product of this effort.

The documentary probes the tragic consequences of Ukraine’s struggle for greater cultural and political autonomy in the 1920s and 1930s. Through rare archival footage, the results of Stalin’s lethal countermeasures unfold in harrowing detail.

Harvest of Despair examines why this man-made famine remains so little known. Blinded by radical leftwing ideals, world statesmen, such as Edouard Herriot, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and writers such as George Bernard Shaw, all contributed to the regime’s campaign of concealment. Even the democratic governments of the depression-hit West preferred to remain silent over Soviet Russia’s atrocities in order to continue import and export trade.

In 1932-33, roughly one-quarter of the entire population of Ukraine perished through brutal starvation. Harvest of Despair, through its stark, haunting images, provides the eloquent testimony of a lost generation that has been silenced too long.

📚Book Of The Week

The Heart of Man: It’s Genius for Good and Evil“The Heart of Man questions human nature itself, from the forms of violence that plague it to individual and social narcissism to how the positive value of “love of life” can potentially outweigh the destructive “syndrome of decay” caused by the love of death and other harmful tendencies of thought. [The American Mental Health Foundation’s Fromm titles] are timely, directly relevant to modern psychological and social issues, and bring absolutely invaluable humanist messages to temper psychology’s scientific and healing discipline. Highly recommended, especially for college library collections.”

🧠Psychological Exercise Of The Week

The Behavior Detective The Behavior Detective is a worksheet that was designed to help you evaluate your current habits and predict what kind of long-term results you are going to get by sticking with them. The quickest way to predict your future is to look at the things you do every day.
The tool will help you to identify and get rid of bad habits so you can become the person you need to be.

🌎The Nomadic Scholar – New Story 

The nomadic scholar is a content format in which I share with you travel tales, life lessons, and personal stories that I collected while I adventured around the world in order to find answers to the question; What constitutes a good life?

“The younger generation comes into the ancient temples only to take pictures for Instagram, but the larger meaning of the old mosques eludes them. These places were built for us by our ancestors in order to help us to think about ways in which we can improve ourselves. The new generation has lost touch with its old one, they care more about the size of their car than about the quality of their character.⁠
This degeneration of values is dangerous, they forgot that the things that matter most are God, family, and righteousness. I’m worried… how can a generation who has forgotten its past have a future?”⁠

I’ve met this gentleman in the famous mosque Hage Sofia while I was collecting stories in Istanbul in order to learn more about the human condition.
One of the reasons why I traveled to Istanbul was because I wanted to learn more about the Islamic world.⁠
Growing up in the west, all I ever heard in the media about the Islamic world was about how “evil” it was and how primitive the Muslims were who lived in it. ⁠
However, it was always difficult for me to buy completely into the idea of “them” as the “bad guys” and “us” as the “good ones”. ⁠
… After all, I had a father who was born into Islam and a mother who was born into Christianity… so I always felt torn between worlds, not fully belonging to either one of them.⁠
And with one foot in the orient and one in the west, I was always oscillating between “good” and “bad” guy, depending on who I talked to. ⁠
⁠Teachers like the one in the picture above, however, helped me to bridge my two heritages and realize that we all have more in common with each other than we think…

My message to you today is simple;

Don’t allow the media to form your beliefs about good and evil for you, instead, go into the world by yourself so that you can find your own truth.

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