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Behavior Weekly #09

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Hey Behavior Architect,

Below you will find the „Behavior Weekly,“ a list of recent educational discoveries that helped me to upgrade my life in a significant manner.


🤯 Quote of the week

“When Life gives you lemons, make lemon cheesecake”

Daniel Karim

*sorry about that… I’m on a new diet currently… damn you covid lockout 👀

💻 Article of the week

The Outcome Investigator: Use This Simple Technique To Find Out Why you Are Failing

In this article, you are going to learn how you are currently the architect of your own misfortune and what you can do about it.

What is this article about?

  • A behavior psychology joke that I like to tell my new coaching clients. 
  • A story about Micheal Phelps and his success routines.
  • How to translate outcomes into habits.
  • How to adopt responsibility for your life.
  • How to use the Outcome Investigator Technique.


👽 Habit of the Week

“The Peter Diamandis”

Peter Diamandis, the founder of XPRIZE of Singularity University often asks his students what their MTP is.
MTP stands for massively transformative purpose, it’s basically the answer to the question, ‘why the fuck am I alive’?.
Once his students reveal their current life goals Peter challenges them to make them 10x bigger. I really liked that kind of thinking, in fact, I liked it so much so that I created a weekly trigger in my habit journal where I ask myself, ‘Am I hunting antelope or mice’? – meaning, are my current dreams big enough, or am I still inside my comfort zone.

📚 Book of the Week

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is one of Samuel Beckett’s most famous plays. It shows how Vladimir and Estragon wait for a mysterious character called Godot. Nothing happens aside from the dialogue between the two protagonists, yet the implications of this very successful play are numerous.

🧠 Psychological Exercise Of The Week

Challenging Thoughts Worksheet

In this worksheet, you will find a Socratic dialog that will help you to identify and evaluate disempowering thoughts.

That’s it, folks! 

What was your favorite hack from this week’s Behavior Weekly? What would you like to have different in the future?

Remember that I’m here to serve you, so feel free to share with me your most powerful discoveries on Instagram so that I can share them with other Behavior Architects and enable them to grow too.
Just post a story on Instagram with your favorite hack and tag me in it so that I can repost and reply to your story.

Have a wonderful weekend and live your best life!


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