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The Behavior Kickstarter is a combination of Habit Journal, Behavior Formation Masterclass, and a collection of carefully chosen Positive Psychology Exercises.

The Behavior Kickstarter

What you will gain

  • A system that teaches you the secrets of behavior architecture

  • A deep understanding of habit formation and environment manipulation

  • Access to a variety of tested behavior psychology techniques

  • Daily, weekly, monthly habit forming journal prompts that will enable you to redesign your behavior and
    optimize your environment.

  • Success Momentum

The Behavior Kickstarter

How it works


You will invent an ideal future blueprint and answer the question: What would my life look like if I could have it my way?


Learn how you can manipulate your living environment in way that it works for you instead of against you.


You will architect a success routine around yourself so that you become the person who is capable of producing the results you truly deserve.


For eight weeks, you are going to become a behavior detective who will design, reflect and optimize his daily actions in a way that you can’t help yourself but to get better every single day.

The Behavior Kickstarter

Your Ideal Future

Future Blueprint

Architect an Ideal and a Nightmare Future Scenario for your life and answer the question; Who could you be? 

The Behavior Kickstarter

Habit Builder

Habit Builder

The Habit Builder is your personal cheat sheet when it comes to forming new habits.  The things you do every day may seem small and unimportant, but they are the most important things you do in your life

Habit Recepies

The Behavior Kickstarter will provide you with 100  proven Habit Recipes that will help you to understand the mechanics of habit formation

The Behavior Kickstarter

Your Ideal Day

Design Your Day

Journal prompts will help you to grow, record, and measure new healthy habits so that you can get 1% closer to your ideal future scenario every single day

Reflect Your Day

Reflect each night on your behavior and answer the crucial question: How can I make more out of tomorrow? 

The Behavior Kickstarter

Your Ideal Week

Reflect Your Last Week

Identify which of the new habits worked and which of your behavioral patterns are in need of repair. 

Design Your Next Week

Apply the lessons you learned from last week into measurable action steps and grow new habits that will make you stronger, healthier, richer and wiser within the next seven days. 

The Behavior Kickstarter

Your Ideal Month

Monthly Habit Tracker

Deconstruct last month’s results and find positive and negative behavioral patterns with the help of the monthly habit tracker. 

Design Your Next Month

Aligns your behavior with your ideal future blueprint and use next month to install a success system around you that grooms you into your future ideal self

The Behavior Kickstarter

The Exercises

Scientifically Proven Exercises

Upgrade your mindset with battle-tested psychological exercises that will enable you to unlock your potential so that success will become inevitable 

The Behavior Kickstarter

Book List


Reading is the most supreme life-hack there is, this is why you will find at the end of this journal a list of great books that will help you to become a behavior architect yourself


What customers are saying

The Best Habit Journal In The World

As a therapist, I recommend the Behavior Kickstarter to my clients so that they can learn playfully how to change their behavior themselves. 


I Quit Smoking

The Behavior Kickstarter helped me get rid of my smoking habit.
I’ve tried a lot of things, but the combination of habit tracker, daily prompts, and psychological exercises was enough for me to control my addictive habits and regain control over my behavior and my life


Instant Therapy

Three months of using the Behavior Kickstarter introduced more positive change into my life than five years of psychotherapy. 
WATCH OUT if you get your hands on this behavior journal you will get what you asked for; massive transformation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also ship globally?

Yes, we collaborate with Amazon Kindle Global. The Behavior Kickstarter is available in more than a hundred countries on 4 continents.

If I don’t like The Behavior Kickstarter, can I have my money back?

Yes, we have a 100 % Refund Policy, no questions asked.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as PayPal payments.

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