Hi Fckface, jab it is me again.

Thanks for tuning in for another dose of what goes on in my weird mind.

Some time ago, I realised that I successfully mastered the art of messing up and that it is maybe time to copy some habits of people who are on the opposite side of the spectrum; people who are kicking ass in life.

My idea was that maybe if I started to do what high achievers and happy people do, I would eventually get similar results, or at least, I will stop fcking things up in the most spectacular way possible.

This is why I decided to start my own pursuit of deconstructing happiness and success.  To find out those patterns, habits, rituals, and tools, I started some time ago to interview successful people myself, and I even recently started to podcast so that I can share my findings with you.

And, in my investigation, the one successful habit popped up over and over: they read a lot!

You might think now ”Well no shiit sherlock, everybody, knows that”.  Well, I did not know that they educated themselves to such an extreme level almost.

I recently heard in a podcast from Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins that they have read close to 1,000 books in their life.

People either hate or love Tony Robbins, but one thing is undeniable, he is pretty much the self-improvement Jesus, and was the first mega influencer.

This somehow got me really interested.  I got curious: how would my life change if my brain could contain the knowledge of those 1,000 books?

So, I thought, why not do a little self-experiment: what happens if I start to read 1 book per week for a year that was recommended by a world expert.  This way, it would roughly take me three years to crack the 1,000 book challenge.

What if for any problem I have, I would read a book by somebody who had solved this problem already.  I do not see myself as particularly talented in any area, and I do not plan on becoming super successful myself, but my thinking is, that if I straight up copy habits and resources of high achievers that I will eventually, must at least, get my shiit together.  Right?!

So What Books Do I Want To Read In The 1,000 Book Challenge?

I do not want to read just “any” book, but books that were recommended by the out of the box thinkers, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries and pioneers, and spiritual leaders.  I wanted to read books that produced humanities greatest leaders, dead or alive.

From Nicolas Tesla`s favourite books to Warren Buffets annual letters, to the books that influenced Tony Robbins the most, all the way to Marcus Aurelius Journals.  I plan on going all Liam Nelson on you guys.  If you rock in life, I will find you and find out where your results come from!

So You Have A Book Club?

Being the lazy bastard that I am (I break New Year’s resolutions like they are nachos), I needed a system that would hold me accountable.

I wanted to create a system around myself where I am always in learning mode,  where I have to grow, and where at the same, I could give something back to you guys.  Because I know one thing for sure; everybody has problems, and although I might not be the one with all the answers, maybe I can be the guy who finds the guy who has all the answers.  This is why dedicated an entire section of my website to writing book reviews and promoting books that may very well end up 10xing your life.

This is why I will post one book review once every 1 or 2 weeks in here, so you guys can give me hell when I slack off, and also to give some value back to you guys by presenting you with a weekly a piece of literature that has the potential to change your life forever.

So, guys, the 1,000 books challenge is on.  I am super curious to see where this long-term experiment is taking me.  What progress will I make on the way, what new people will I connect with, and who of my friends will grow with me.

And, you maybe think “1,000 books is a lot, right?!”  Isn`t that a bit extreme?  Well, yeah, I guess, but if you know me, I always am an extreme guy in pretty much everything I do.  I always have the habit of going all the way into the rabbit hole.  So, if I am extreme anyway, why not go all-in on something positive.

In my book, this will be all worth it if I inspire even one of you to make an active investment in making your mind fertile ground because this is what life is about right, it is about growing.

Feel free to DM me, or write in the comment section about the books that have had the most significant impact on your life!  I am not interested in just good casual reads, what I am interested in is, what is the one book that if you were president, would be mandatory for everybody in the world to read?

Let us see where this goes guys and let us grow together.

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